committee-top-picEnviroCert International, Inc.® is a volunteer based organization which aims to serve the environmental and stormwater communities; striving to support the development of “Professionals for a Better Environment”. Members of our community who are invested in this vision support the organization through committee work. While most committee memberships are appointed, EnviroCert is always looking for interested members, if you are interested in participating in one of EnviroCert’s many committees please contact us.

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For more information on the Certification Committee please contact:

Melissa Parry, Operations Manager | *ext. 133 |
Marvin Greer, Program Assistant | *ext. 111 |


The Election Committee is responsible for the development, maintenance, administration, and review of the election process for the various positions on the EnviroCert Board of Directors.


The Examination Committee is responsible for the development, maintenance, administration, and review of the examinations and examination procedures and for regularly conducting studies to ensure the validity of the examinations.


This committee is responsible for developing and reviewing fiscal procedures, fundraising plans, and the annual budget with staff and the Board, for final Board approval. The Financial Committee will be responsible for providing regular review and updates to the Accounting and Financial Policies and Procedures. The Finance Committee is Chaired by the EnviroCert Treasurer and includes three additional Board Members.

International Liaison

In an effort to further stewardship of the environment and support development of best practices throughout the world the International Liaison Committee works to find other similar organizations with which we can share knowledge and experience.

Marketing, Promotions & Outreach

This committee is charged with the development of strategy and support materials to support EnviroCert and its various certification programs.

Professional Standards

The Professional Standards Committee is responsible for setting educational and experience standards for certification candidates, establishing and overseeing policies and procedures related to evaluation of candidate qualifications, instructors, maintaining a Code of Ethics for certificate holders and promoting ethical practice. This committee is responsible to review and update the Division Policy and Procedures Handbook.

Program Development

For more information on the Program Development Committee please contact
Professional Development/Technical
Charles Wilson Jr., Technical Manager | *ext. 140 |

Technical Committee

The duties and functions of this committee include oversight, maintenance, and updating of technical aspects, technical functions, technical policies, and technical procedures. The committee consists of a Technical Chair and members who are appointed by the EnviroCert President. Committee Members should always have appropriate certification and technical expertise to serve on this committee.